Post Contract Services

Post Contract’s Award Services

Once the façade package has been awarded, the focus will be on ensuring that what is being proposed and installed by the contractor is compliant with the design intent and the project specification. Therefore our services at this stage are tailored around the progress of work of the appointed façade contractor, starting right from the design development (System design and shop drawings, materials…etc.) through fabrication, testing of performance mockups to site installation and handing over of the final works.  The extent of services that may be required at this stage varies from project to project depending upon many parameters such the procurement route, the project’s size and complexity and the capabilities of the appointed façade sub-contractor. However, typically, the below listed services are commonly provided:

  • Reviewing contractors Shop drawings.
  • Review of coordination issues.
  • Review of contractor’s Structural calculations.
  • Review of Materials submittals.
  • Method Statements/Constructability.
  • Factory QC visits/inspections.
  • Visual mockup assessments and reports.
  • Mockup lab tests assessments and reports.
  • Site installation inspection.
  • Tender Bid Technical Input.
  • Façade Design ( Working Drawings).
  • Façade Structural Calculations.
  • Façade Testing-Troubleshooting.
  • QC of factory assembly/site Installation.