Pre Contract Services

We offer a wide range of services for new and existing buildings which can be adjusted to suit the need of our clients (developers, architects , main contractors or specialist contractors), and the specifics of projects and the preferred procurement  route.

Design Stage Services

Our services during the design stages are typically provided progressively, starting right from the early concept stage and continue through the scheme and detail design stages to tender documentation.

The design stage is the most critical stage in the entire procurement process of any façade/envelope works. Since It is at this stage where the framework as well as the details for the delivery of the project are laid down through the outcome of the design which, together with the supporting façade specification document, form the basis for contractors’ tenders. The same documents (Design + Specification)  will be subsequently used by the project’s engineer as a reference to check  the compliance of the contractor’s proposed works against the client’s requirements and also to control the quality during installation on site.

CLF believes that an integrated collaborative approach to design is the key to achieving successful outcome within the right time.  We aim to engage, right from the start, in collaborative work with the architect and the entire project team in dedicated interdisciplinary workshops to explore possible solutions, classify appropriate engineering concepts and narrowing down selection of materials that can achieve the design intent.   CLF adapts the project’s workflow and the delivery process to meet the specifics of each project.  We usually use a combination of hand-sketches and 2D CAD drawings to communicate our proposed solutions, however, we often use 3D and “BIM-enabled” modeling tools to bring clarity and accuracy to the design at an early stage, and by the same ensuring that the end result is a solution that is well-coordinated.  

We have a wealth of experience in all cladding systems including stick and unitised, window and door systems, structural glass, ETFE roof systems, rain screen systems, metal cladding, natural stone, and precast stone.  In addition, we draw upon our long relationship with the façade industry to enrich the design process with valuable information about procurement routes, an up-to-date technological advancements in the fabrication of materials, system assembly and site erection possibilities to validate the proposed solutions. 

CLF promotes the use of performance based specifications, which are widely accepted by the industry as being the preferred route for the procurement of façade/envelope works.  However, if required, we can also provide a fully detailed façade design package together with a supporting prescriptive specification.  

The below is a list of some of the services that are typical provided at the pre-tender stage:

  • Conceptual studies.
  • Assessment of solar and glare control , shading , Thermal performance, condensation risk and ventilation.
  • Structural concept studies ( Preliminary calculations).
  • Systems and materials studies.
  • Thermal modeling of façade systems .
  • Façade Details (produce Design Intent Drawings for tender documentation).
  • Technical performance specification (for tender documentation). Façade access and maintenance strategies.

Tender Stage Services

We are very familiar with the façade procurement routes in the Middle East region and are well known to industry professionals’ teams and façade contractors who are likely to tender for the works locally. We draw upon our local and international experience to carry out a procurement study to determine local capabilities and potential international options to manufacture and install the cladding systems.

The below is a list of some of the services that are typically provided at this stage:

  • Assist in establishing the preferred list of tenderers.
  • Technical assessment of contractors’ bid
  • Value engineering