BIM Services

BIM (Building Information Modelling) Services

Façade design is closely related to other disciplines not only in terms of spatial arrangement, but also in terms of overall performance of the building. As façades and building envelopes become more and more complex, there is an increasing need of cross-disciplinary cooperation in façade design from early stages of the building procurement process. 

BIM based projects bring about a new way of coordination among architects, structural engineers, building services engineers and façade design engineers. BIM models of different disciplines can be integrated in one single unified model which can be used for interdisciplinary clash detection in advance. Thanks technological advances in IT software and hardware, it is now possible to detail the model to a level that allows the testing of certain performance parameters ( Virtual PMU!) thus reducing the costs associated with the traditional way of having to erect full size mock-ups. 

The level of details that define the accuracy of façade BIM models can grow from rough sketches that are suitable for early design stages to a fully developed façade system design with embedded components and relevant attributes which can be extracted directly from the model for tender documentation. The same model can subsequently be used for the fabrication of components and panels assembly at the factory. It can also be used to generate panels’ numbering and installation sequencing.     

CLF is well versed into BIM products and processes and can work harmoniously as part of a BIM project team. We use people with specialist BIM skills to integrate our façade design and engineering work seamlessly into the master BIM model to a various level of details as required for each stage and type of project.