Why Façade Engineers?

Why Do We Need Specialist Façade Engineers?

The façade is the visible expression of the architect’s vision for a project; it reflects the identity and character of a building. Indeed, buildings are recognized merely through their external appearances, and to a large extent it is what determines the project’s success or failure in the eyes of the general public.
The façade role, however, is not only about aesthetic expression. The façade is the filter between the external environment and the internal livable space and therefore contributes significantly to the overall building performance, fulfilling a wide range of functions. This thin multilayer multipurpose skin at the boundary of the building is where the architecture meets the structure and meets the services. This element of the building is also where several consultant disciplines are called to work together.
The constantly evolving challenges of new materials and technologies, architectural forms, combined with the environmental and sustainably requirements and the consequent increasing demands for higher energy efficiency and low carbon footprint of the built environment, created the need for specialized consultants with appropriate level of across-disciplines knowledge and skills to assist the design team during the project development in finding practical and sustainable solutions that respond to the various and often conflicting function requirements of building envelopes without compromising the conceptual design intents. Façade engineering discipline is, now, a well-established engineering discipline in its own right and the services of façade engineers are sought after by building owners/developers, architects and contractors throughout the project’s procurement stages from inception through to completion.